Invited to devise the mixology series by the iconic online learning platform MasterClass, Ryan teamed up with friend and award-winning bartender Lynette Marrero to create engaging episodes to explore the art of cocktail making and flavour pairing. Channelling the Lyan approach to occasion-based food & drink experiences and covering everything from classic cocktails and techniques, how to practically make great drinks for friends and the way to approach key ingredients through to modern techniques and how to fold cocktails into your everyday lives.

Tiger Mom

Mr Lyan Studio were approached by chef Lisa Lov (previously of restaurant Relae) to consult on the cocktail offering for her first solo restaurant, Tigermom, in Copenhagen. To align with the restaurant’s approach of using the best of organic Danish produce to create outstanding dishes, inspired by Lisa’s global travel and her Chinese and Cambodian heritage, we created a suite of playful and approachable cocktails using local produce and organic spirits. Collaborating with Lisa to utilise the experience and techniques of the chefs and herself, we devised a unique offering that provides seasonality and flavour exploration whilst fitting in with the casual tongue-in-cheek kitschy vibes of the restaurant, all while facilitating efficiency and consistency through processes employed.

Johnnie Walker x Mr Lyan Studio

As a pioneer in the sustainability and education space, Mr Lyan Studio partnered with global drinks icon Johnnie Walker to explore the topic of sustainable practice in the hospitality world through a holistic lens. Looking at product innovation, consumer and trade experiences as well as practical tools that people can adopt to balance delicious serves that can have a positive impact on the planet. The partnership also explored ways to push education on the topic of conscientious consumption that is globally relevant, accessible and adaptable.


Padella – the much-loved and well-known pasta restaurant in Borough Market – had limited production space, but was looking to include considered cocktails that could add to guest experience in the quick turnaround space of the venue. The Mr Lyan Studio team created a series of drinks that harked to Italian drinking culture whilst folding in British seasonal flavours. Following the success at the London Bridge venue, the team were invited to create a series of ‘British Aperitivo’ drinks for the new Shoreditch location

Black Axe Mangal

Working with chef owner Lee after his return to London from Copenhagen following his successful B*A*M pop-ups, the Mr Lyan team were tasked with creating a drinks offering that reflected the restaurants stylings and bold flavours, whilst also working with their limited preparation space and time constraints. Including brand liaisons, the team created signature serves that reflected the ethos of Black Axe Mangal

Gentle Monster

Working with forward-thinking eyewear designer Gentle Monster for the launch of the Korean brand’s European flagship store, Mr Lyan Studio created a bespoke coaster and drinks selection to fold together sustainability, design and striking visuals. With the store’s approach to ‘other-worldly’ elements, both the ingredients and the aesthetics of the drinks stepped away from standard fare, whilst catering to the needs of a busy crowd.

Kelly Wearstler

Working with global interior design icon and fellow MasterClass instructor Kelly Wearstler, we partnered remotely to highlight the creativity of ‘at home’ entertaining, and to explore creative insights. Inspired by Kelly’s L.A. home and favourite serves and flavours, we worked with her to select particular times of the day, married them to a chosen room in her home and created a drink and dressing that reflected and embodied that moment. Three rooms and recipes were explored with illustrative videos made from a live cocktail making session held by Kelly and Mr Lyan. A showcase to viewers on how to recreate them at home, including moodboards and recipe cards were later broadcast on IGTV. 

Cinnamon Kitchen

Created by pioneering chef Vivek Singh, and part of the Cinnamon Kitchen Restaurant Group, we were invited to develop new cocktails to serve in the venue, as well as rework the design of the menu, to collectively increase sales.

Taking a lead from the venue’s modern take on Indian cuisine, we developed serves that complimented the food and offered unique drinks that mirrored that pioneering take on flavours; increasing customer engagement, spend per head and overall guest experience dramatically.

Flipside – Selfridges, London

As part of their ‘Radical Luxury’ campaign, Selfridge’s invited select companies to contribute work to a multi-sensory exhibition titled Flipside exploring the future of luxury. Amongst installations from brands and designers like Google, Loewe, Louis Vuitton and Gareth Pugh, Mr Lyan ran an experiential bar as one of the 7 brands exploring the radical takes on luxury within the show by serving unique taste experiences based on guests’ response to a sensory test.

Atlas Building press launch dinner

Ahead of the launch of Atlas Building in Shoreditch, Mr Lyan Studio were invited to create a menu and host a sustainable dinner party for select media guests. Working in partnership with the Mr Lyan restaurant Cub, we developed a suite of bespoke drinks served throughout the meal.

Jack Daniel’s Kegged Cocktails

The culmination of two years’ work looking into kegged and nitro cocktail technology for Jack Daniel’s was the launch of a handbook, distributed to bars around Europe. Given out for free by the brand in 2017 to the on-trade and interested consumers, and used at global activations, it pushed keg cocktail technology to new styles of spaces – seeding the brand into new markets and different tiers of venue.

Esquire Townhouse 2019

Invited back to be part of the Esquire Townhouse programme once more, we created the theme of a “Sustainable Drinks at Home” cocktail masterclass for ticket holders. Bespoke recipe creation and drinks preparation was also carried out by Mr Lyan Studio, alongside the hosting of the event.

Silo London

With the move of world-famous zero waste restaurant Silo from Brighton to London, we were approached to develop a new concept of cocktail menu to work alongside the culinary creations of owner and head chef Douglas McMaster.

Working with the team to remove any packaging waste, the challenge was to create intrigue, mirror a sustainable approach, and also be able to be served alongside the food like a wine.

Seedlip NoLO June 2019 event

Invited by Seedlip to work with them at one of their NoLo events at Soho House, as part of their global campaign, we created two bespoke recipes that were served on the night by our creative lead Mark Low. Recipes had either no, or low, alcohol content.

Napapijri ‘Infinity’ launch

Italian fashion brand Napapijri created the world’s first fully recyclable jacket and they invited Mr Lyan Studio to create bespoke cocktails that reflected this ethos and our own sustainable approach.

Named ‘Infinity’ and made from a single material of nylon that can be broken down and remade as new multiple times, guests to the global launch were offered our cocktails made from seasonal ingredients, inlacing parts of the plants typically thrown away.

The Fount

A partnership bar, formed with Selfridge’s in 2016 that brought Mr Lyan serves into the retail world. Nestled on the ground floor amongst the new accessories hall, it offered an intimate horseshoe bar of 14 spaces, serving cocktails, boozeless drinks and Champagne, accompanied by a selection of bar snacks.

Operated and run by Selfridge’s, Mr Lyan Studio developed the creative input, leading a bi-annual menu change of alcoholic and boozeless creations, team training and one-off event creative support.

Koya City

We were invited by Koya to bring a new direction to their cocktail offering, and in turn, revisit their drinks menu as a whole to improve the guest experience.

With no designated bartender at the venue, the menu had to explain the available drinks clearly, as a tool to support the wait staff, and the drinks had to be simple to prepare to serve in a restricted space.

Taking a lead from the food menu, we created two bespoke cocktails that used kitchen trimmings that otherwise would be organic waste, with a nod to the influences of the cuisine.

‘Superfly’ collaboration with Firefly

A collaboration with premium juice maker Firefly to create a new booze-free serve that helps create the feeling of a mature, cocktail-style experience within a bar.  With a shared love of botanicals, ingredients were chosen to encourage sociability, focus and energy, including green coffee, wormwood, aronia and grapefruit.

The end result is a complex and balanced drink with an adult profile – something not usually associated with traditional soft drink options.

NESTA FutureFest 2015 – Future of Thrills

Looking to the future, Mr Lyan envisioned a tongue-in-cheek “healthy” alcoholic drinks initiative via a dystopian government of the future which would actively promote “drinking for health”. Speaking at the Science Museum, as well as the Future Fest weekend, the team explored humankind’s relationship with alcohol, the world of microbes and the adult conversations around nutrition that are crucially missing from the modern day.

Lucky guests were then able to visit their pop-up bar to taste all the cocktails for themselves, including one to take away, as well as winning a place to the VIP reception which featured George Clinton of Parliament/Funkadelic, and a bespoke Mr Lyan cocktail.

Audrey Louise Reynolds x Jigsaw

As part of the Creators Project, an endeavour to marry fashion with art, English clothes retailer Jigsaw created a capsule collection with New York artist Audrey Louise Reynolds. Utilising the natural colours of plants and fruit, she created a printing technique to decorate her fabrics, with Mr Lyan Studio invited to compliment the launch with botanical cocktails.

Mastercard “Priceless” Lyaness NYC

Invited by Mastercard as part of their “Priceless” activations of 2019, Lyaness NYC joined a roster of names from the food and drink world to create a temporary world in downtown New York. Executed on the ground with Spring Studios, the whole bar was recreated with exacting details to ensure those in the US could experience Lyaness bar as if they were in London. Local tweaks were made to the offering, and staff recruited locally, to create a successful transatlantic activation which returned two more times during 2019.

Rick Stein

Working directly with Rick Stein, we looked to create an offering that mirrored the heritage of the chef and his restaurant group.  The task required understanding the group, reflecting their origins in Cornwall and their loyal following, but taking a global view and attracting new audiences. 

This approach included a considered cocktail creation, efficiencies and production, menu, bar and BOH layouts, as well as media liaison. The result was not only an engagement with industry, media and consumers across the UK, it created an elevated spend per head and guest experience.

Hendrick’s Gin Carnival of Knowledge – Sunday Lunch in 2063

Forming part of that year’s Carnival of Knowledge programme (2013), Mr Lyan, alongside Rebel Dining Society’s Shay Ola, presented a more sustainable meal – a vision of what we could all be eating and drinking in 50 years time including a lecture on sustainable dining, the potential role of insect and alternative protein, and the role of creativity & language in shaping habits. Inviting diners to explore delicious new flavours whilst having a positive impact on the planet. Including insect dumplings, and experimental cocktails, it engaged consumers in a challenging conversation around waste within fine dining – and coined the term ‘closed loop cocktails’.

Lyan Cellars – Wine Not Wine Pop-Up

A pop-up created in Lantana restaurant in Shoreditch, London, to celebrate the final part of the White Lyan attempt to control and push creativity whilst reducing waste. The Mr Lyan team created ‘wine’ not using grapes, but ingredients that mimic the flavour profiles of wine – creating a ‘red’, ‘white’ and ‘rose’ – whilst drastically reducing waste. Ingredients were put through a proprietary fermentation process that created a finished bottled product akin to wine. Each day the ‘wine’ was served alongside food pairing dishes from pioneering Zero-Waste chef Douglas McMaster of Silo.